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Women often spend so much time taking care of everyone else that they often ignore their own needs. At IMAC Medical Group, Raymond Dorio, MD, understands how valuable your time is and offers women’s health services, including gynecological examinations. To schedule your women’s health exam, call the office in Newhall, California, or book a women's health appointment online today.

Women's Health

What is women’s health?

Due to your reproductive system, you have unique health needs that require specialized care. Women’s health refers to the specialized area of medicine focused on those needs. 

To ensure comprehensive care for their female patients, Dr. Dorio offers a variety of OB/GYN services. 

Do I need an annual gynecological exam?

Yes, you should have a gynecological exam every year. This comprehensive annual exam assesses your overall health and serves as a tool to help you and Dr. Dorio develop a plan to manage any underlying health issues or concerns. 

It also helps you and Dr. Dorio establish a more trusting relationship that makes you more apt to seek out help when you have a health concern. 

During your annual exam, Dr. Dorio reviews your medical history and any of your specific health concerns. Then, Dr. Dorio conducts a physical and pelvic exam. They may also conduct a Pap smear, which is a gynecological test that assesses your risk of cervical cancer. 

Depending on your health needs, Dr. Dorio may recommend additional screening tests, such as a mammogram, breast cancer screening, or blood work. 

IMAC Medical Group is a full-service primary care office that offers in-house phlebotomy services, so if blood work is needed, you don’t need to go to another facility for your test. 

Based on the information gathered during your gynecological exam, Dr. Dorio makes recommendations to improve or maintain health, such as updating vaccinations, improving your diet, or reviewing the benefits of regular exercise. 

Can I get help managing a gynecological health issue?

Yes, Dr. Dorio offers many specialized treatments for health issues that affect women. 

For women experiencing common symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness, sexual dysfunction, or hot flashes, the team offers hormonal options to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. The team also offers treatments for menstrual irregularity and treatments for women suffering from infertility.

Your health is important. To manage your general wellness or a specific health concern, call IMAC Medical Group today to schedule your women’s health exam.